Sunday, 16 May 2021

Re-opening the Sidcup Dojo and the new Tigers Class

 Dear Karate family,

As you are aware Covid restrictions are lifting across the UK and this means that we can now plan a return to semi-normal training, in person at the Dojo.




Main Dojo Classes:

The Sidcup Dojo will therefore re-open on Wednesday 19th May for physical training. Current Covid guidelines for Karate mean that we will need to continue to maintain social distancing during training and contact training is still not allowed at the current time. Pad and bag work will be allowed however. Covid restrictions that were in place previously, such as mask wearing in hallways and wearing your Gi to and from training will still be carried out. Students will be spaced out as before with a maximum of 12 per training session. Class booking will still be required for the coming weeks. You can book directly from your student portal or the link on the website.

Class times will be as follows:
Junior grades - 6.30 to 7.30pm
Senior grades - 7.45 to 8.45pm

Class fees will remain at £7 per lesson for both classes.



New Shoto Tiger classes:

As from Wednesday 26th May, there will be a new class at the Sidcup Dojo for the Shoto Tigers (under 6’s).
There will be no Covid restrictions for this class, with the exception of any parents that wish to stay in the Dojo, who must be socially distanced and wear a face covering while present. 

The new class time will be from 5.30pm to 6.15pm with a training fee of £5.

Membership and licences:

For those who plan to return to training at the Dojo, licences will need to be renewed before the 19th May unless they are still valid and will then be renewed from their normal expiry date. If you wish to renew before training please email directly and we will send you an invoice for renewal.  Renewal fees will remain the same at £20 for under 18s and £25 for 18 and overs. Please bring your licence with you to training so that JJ or the lead Sensei can collect these to be updated and returned. 

Well that’s all for now, I really hope to see you back in the Dojo very soon!

Yours in Karate Do,


Dr Kevin Thurlow-Criss Sensei 7th Dan
SKKK Worldwide Chief Instructor


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