Monday, 27 July 2015

Mars Milk Play Fund

Vote for Us!

Every month, Mars Milk Play Fund will be donating a £1,000 cash award to a sports individual, club or project in need of extra funding.

Please vote for the club via the link below. The extra funding will help pay for equipment and travel subsidies for students to attend tournaments.

Thank You!

Monday, 6 July 2015

July Grading

Congratulations to all that graded this week.  Excellent spirit was shown by all!

Karl Peters - Nidan
Emily Mason - 1st Kyu
Martin Smith - 2nd Kyu
Daniel Vaughan - 6th Kyu
JJ Criss - 6th Kyu
Victoria Thomas - 6th Kyu
Oscar Romero - 7th Kyu
William Hackett 7th Kyu
Francisco Romero - 7th Kyu
Jack Smith - 7th Kyu
Harry Smith - 7th Kyu
Louie Vincent - 7th Kyu
Charlie Wallis - 7th Kyu
Sebastian Roeder - Kari 7th Kyu
Aidan Klis - 8th Kyu
Aroa Sangare - 8th Kyu
Shaylyn Gounder - 8th Kyu
Maya Struk - 9th Kyu
Yuan Watkis - 9th Kyu
Annabella Watkis - 9th Kyu
Ishtar Berry - 9th Kyu
Madison Berry - Kari 9th Kyu
Shweta Dhanak - 10th Kyu
Alexander Rizon - 10th Kyu
Mairead Milner - 10th Kyu