Thursday, 3 December 2015

2015 SKKK National Championships


Competition Results

Children's Kata novice to 6th kyu
Gold - Daniel Vaughan
Silver - Madison Berry
Bronze- William Hackett and Mairead Milner

Children's Kata 5th Kyu and above
Gold - Harry Miller
Silver - William Dawes
Bronze - Scarlet Hewitt and JJ Wells

Adult Kata Novice to 6th Kyu
Gold - Keeley Coppola

Adult Kata 5th Kyu and Above

Gold - April Wallis
Silver - Emily Mason
Bronze - Keeley Coppola and JJ Criss

Team Kata
Gold - Honbu B Ed Wallis, April Wallis and Lee Price
Silver - Honbu A JJ Wells, Harry Miller and William Dawes
Bronze - Honbu D JJ Criss, Emily Mason and Harrison Horne
              May place A Liam Inglis, Flynn Hammond and Daniel Vaughan

Weapons Kata
Gold - Ed Wallis
Silver - Harry Miller
Bronze - April Wallis and JJ Criss

Children's Open Kumite novice to 6th Kyu

Gold - Joseph Smith
Silver - Harry Smith
Bronze - Olivia Wood and Maya Struk

Children's Open Kumite 5th Kyu and above
Gold - William Dawes
Silver - Harrison Horne
Bronze - Harry Miller and JJ Wells

Adults Open Kumite
Gold - Lee Price
Silver - April Wallis
Bronze - Ed Wallis and Simon Dawes

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