Thursday, 29 December 2016

December Grading Results and End of Year Awards

Honbu Dojo

Susi Mendez - 10th Kyu
Andrea Ulibarrena - 10th Kyu

Talveen Ghuman - Kari 9th Kyu
Jack Middleton - Kari 9th Kyu 
Matthew Male - 9th Kyu
Isabella Coppola - 9th Kyu
Robert I'Anson - 9th Kyu

Eliana Coppola - Kari 8th Kyu
Stanley Bullet - 8th Kyu
Thomas Miller - 8th Kyu
Sally Male - 7th Kyu

Sidney Bullet - 6th Kyu

Charlie Wallis - 5th Kyu
Simon Dawes - 4th  Kyu


Townley Dojo

Eeman Mackenzie 9th Kyu

Mairead Milner - 5th Kyu

End of Year Awards
2016 Most Improved Student- Charlie Wallis
2016 Best Attendance- JJ Criss
2016 Student of the Year - JJ Criss

Monday, 19 December 2016

SKKK National Championships 2016

 Results were as follows.

Children's Kata Novice to 5th Kyu
Gold - Sidney Bullet
Silver - Harry Smith
Bronze - Jack Smith and Mairead Milner

Children's Kata 4th Kyu and above

Gold - Daniel Vaughan
Silver - William Dawes
Bronze - JJ Wells and Harrison Horne

Adult Kata Novice to 5th Kyu

Gold - Matthew Male
Silver - Keeley Coppola
Bronze - Ishtaq Berry

Adult Kata 4th Kyu and above
Gold - JJ Criss
Silver - Emily Mason
Bronze - Justin Miller and Martin Smith

Team Kata
Gold - Townley A, Lee Price, William Dawes, Ishtaq Berry
Silver - Honbu A, Ed and April Wallis, JJ Criss
Bronze - Townley B, Aroa Sangare, Mairead Milner, Maya Struk-Zawadzka
               Honbu B, JJ Wells, Emily Mason, Justin Miller

Weapons Kata
Gold - April Wallis
Silver - Lee Price
Bronze - Emily Mason and Ed Wallis

Children's Kumite Under 12's up to 7th Kyu

Gold - Sally Male
Silver - Eliana Coppola
Bronze - Stanley and Frankie Bullett

Children's Kumite Under 12's 7th Kyu and over
Gold - Aroa Sangare
Silver - Harry Smith
Bronze - Jack Smith and Maya Struk-Zawadzka

Children's Kumite Over 12's

Gold - William Dawes
Silver - Sidney Bullet
Bronze - Joseph Smith and JJ Wells

Adult Open Kumite
Gold - Ed Wallis
Silver - Martin Smith
Bronze - Simon Dawes and Lee Price

Competitors of the Day 
Adults: Martin Smith
Children: Eliana Coppola

Sunday, 9 October 2016

September/October Kyu and Dan Grading

karate shotokan sidcup

Congratulations to everyone who graded. Results were as follows.

Emily Mason- Shodan (Black Belt)
JJ Criss -2nd Kyu (Brown with one stripe belt)
Daniel Vaughan -4th Kyu (Purple with one stripe belt)
Jack Smith -6th Kyu (Green Belt)
Harry Smith- 6th Kyu (Green Belt)
Keeley Coppola -6th Kyu (Green Belt)
Mairead Milner -6th Kyu (Green Belt)
Lucas Smith -Kari 6th Kyu (Green Belt)
Sidney Bullett- 7th Kyu (Yellow Belt)
Aidan Klis -Kari 7th Kyu (Yellow Belt)
Thomas Miller- 9th Kyu (Orange Belt)
Terry Bullett -9th Kyu (Orange Belt)
Frankie Bullet -Kari 9th Kyu (Orange Belt)
Jia Dhanak -10th Kyu (Blue Belt)
Jack Middleton -10th Kyu (Blue Belt)
Gayatri Thapa -10th Kyu (Blue Belt)
Talveen Ghuman -10th Kyu (Blue Belt)
Matthew Male -10th Kyu (Blue Belt)

Monday, 11 July 2016

2016 Children's Championship Results


 Novice to 6th Kyu

1-Eliana Coppola
2-Stanley Bullett
3-Isabella Coppola and Sidney Bullett


 5th Kyu and above

1-Willian Dawes
2-Daniel Vaughan
3-Harry Miller and Scarlet Hewitt

Team Kata

1-Harry Miller, JJ Wells and William Dawes
2-Harrison Horne, Scarlet Hewitt and Daniel Vaughan
3-Maya Stuk-Zawadzka, Aroa Sangare, Mairead Milner
   Liam Inglis, Scarlet Hewitt, Daniel Vaughan


 Novice to 6th Kyu

1-Sidney Bullett
2-Maya Stuk-Zawadzka
3-Frankie Bullett and Stanley Bullett


 5th Kyu and above

1-Harrison Horne
2-JJ Wells
3-William Dawes and Harry Miller


Competitor of the day

Frankie Bullett

Shihan Kevin Thurlow
Sensei Sheila Thurlow
Sensei Amy Jones
Sensei Neil Fowler Wright
Sensei Lee Price
Emily Mason
Martin Smith
JJ Criss

Special Thanks to
Scorekeeper - Karen Hewitt
Assistants - Keeley Coppola, Simon Dawes, Jane Riggs

June Grading Results

Congratulations to everyone who graded!

The results from the Honbu Dojo are as follows.

10th Kyu (Blue Belt)
Henry Allen
Terry Bullett
Frankie Bullett

Kari 9th Kyu (Orange Belt)
Louise Allen
Eliana Coppola
Isabella Coppola

9th Kyu (Orange Belt)
Stanley Bullett
Tao Rye

Kari 8th Kyu (Red Belt)
Sidney Bullett

8th Kyu (Red Belt)
Sally Male

Kari 6th Kyu (Green Belt)
Keeley Coppola

3rd Kyu (Brown Belt)
JJ Criss

The results from the Townley Dojo are as follows.

10th Kyu (Blue Belt)
Eeman Mckenzie

9th Kyu (Orange Belt)
Alex Rizon

7th Kyu
Maya Struk-Zawadzkato

Kari 6th Kyu (Green Belt)
Aroa Sangare
Mairead Milner

6th Kyu (Green Belt)
William Hackett
Ishtaq Berry

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Entry Form For The Children's Championship 2016
Click to download

The 2016 SKKK Children's Championships will take place on Sunday 3rd July 2016 at Townley Grammar School, Townley Road, Bexleyheath, DA6 7AB  

Registration starts at 9.30am and the competition starts at 10am.
All students under 16 are invited to take part.

The entrance fee is £10, please return your form asap to your instructor.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Orpington Dojo April Grading

Well done to all students who took their grading at the Orpington Dojo, results of the grading were as follows.

Stanley Bullett - Kari 9th Kyu (orange belt)
Sally Male - Kari 9th Kyu (orange belt)
Sidney Bullett - 9th Kyu (orange belt)
Keeley Coppola - Kari 7th Kyu (yellow belt)
Harry Smith - Kari 6th Kyu (green belt)
Jack Smith - Kari 6th Kyu (green belt)

Congratulations to all students. It was a strong grading with a number of students double grading, excellent spirit was shown by all.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

March/April Gradings- Kyu and Kobudo

Congratulations to all students who graded.
Kyu grading results were as follows

JoJo Smith Kari 10th Kyu (Blue Belt)
Tao Rye 10th Kyu (Blue Belt)
Thomas Miller 10th Kyu (Blue Belt)
Mairead Milner Kari 7th Kyu (Yellow Belt)
Madison Berry 7th Kyu (Yellow Belt)
JJ Criss 4th Kyu (Purple and White Stripe Belt)

Don't forget there is a Kyu grading at the Orpington Dojo on the 13th of April at 6.30pm.

shotokan karate grading sidcup

Kobudo Grading results were as follows


Scarlet Hewitt 3rd Kyu (Red Stripe Belt)
Emily Mason 3rd Kyu (Red Stripe Belt)


Emily Mason 3rd Kyu (Red Stripe Belt)
Ed Wallis 3rd Kyu (Red Stripe Belt)
April Wallis 3rd Kyu (Red Stripe Belt)
Charlie Wallis 3rd Kyu (Red Stripe Belt)
Neil Fowler Wright 3rd Kyu (Red Stripe Belt)
JJ Criss 3rd Kyu (Red Stripe Belt)
JJ Wells 2nd Kyu (Green Stripe Belt)


Emily Mason 3rd Kyu (Red Stripe Belt)
Ed Wallis 3rd Kyu (Red Stripe Belt)
JJ Criss 2nd Kyu (Green Stripe Belt)
JJ Wells Kari 1st Kyu (Brown Stripe Belt)